Proper UI Design for Your Website

When it comes to the world of e-commerce business, it would be hard-pressed to think of a factor that is more important than product find-ability. This logic is not that hard to work out as it is rather simple — if a customer does not know where they can find your product, then how could they possibly purchase it?

Having said that, with this very important consideration in mind, we provide you with several tips on how you can create the quintessential experience for your users in such a manner that navigation and finding and selecting of products on your e-commerce website will be a breeze, whether one is exploring the home page or browsing through different categories.

In a study that was recently conducted by Baymard Institute over a generous period of eight months, results conclusively showed that subjects would continually leave websites out of frustration in relation to product find-ability. These findings applied even to multi-million dollar e-commerce websites.

With all of this in mind, it is impossible to dismiss the cruciality of ensuring that the UI design for your website is done in a thorough and effective fashion. Here are some useful guidelines that you can implement and ultimately, see measurable success with in the long run: