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Experience Beauty that Moves with Flow Jewelry

Fluids move in beautiful ways.  Flow Jewelry is an artist study of the science of fluids in motion.  The series in this collection are inspired by streamlines, chaos, and the vortex.  Shop the entire Flow Jewelry Collection now.

Beauty That Moves

Tracing the movement of fluids generates some of nature’s most spectacular artwork. We can see it in the white eddies on the edge of a river, in the textures painted across an ancient seabed, and in the mesmerizing swirls that result when we add cream to our morning coffee.

Depending on the environment and forces that cause movement, different types of patterns result.   With the introduction of this collection, I have taken my inspiration from three concepts of fluid flow:  streamlined, chaos, and the vortex.

Go With The Flow

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance” --Alan W. Watts

The Streamlined Series

Streamlined flow —straight and simple— until it meets an obstacle. When moving slowly and calmly, the fluid just parts to make way for the obstacle and continues to flow—steady and stable.

I hand carve the stones in this series so that the silver creates graceful lines as it flows past them. When obstacles arise, remember this collection—keep calm and carry on.

For days that you want to declare obstacle-free, try the Streamlined Series.

The Chaos Series

If  you want a little more awe in your life, find it in chaos. Watch the delight in a child when she discovers that her bath water ripples when she pats it. As she grows older, she thinks the flow patterns become predictable and becomes immune to amazement. But she should look again! Chaos theory teaches us that if we change one thing, everything changes.

Practice being amazed at the patterns that form when the water flows around different-sized rocks in a stream.   Take a moment to follow the clouds on a windy day and wonder about the affect of the butterfly flapping her wings.   The Chaos Series speak to the awe-inspiring things that might happen if we shake things up a bit.

The Vortex Series

Vortices form under the hummingbird's wings, allowing her to hover in midair. The whirlpool brings order to our draining bathtub. The great red spot on Jupier is a storm that has lasted for hundreds of years.

When a fluid is exposed to another fluid moving at a different speed, a vortex is formed.  Once set in motion, the vortex can move, stretch, twist, and interact without dissipating.

This collection explores the hypnotic nature of this three-dimensional form and the metamorphosis of its movement.