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Beauty that Moves

Tracing the movement of fluids generates some of nature’s most spectacular artwork.  With the introduction of this collection, I have taken inspiration from three concepts of flow, Streamlines Chaos, and Vorticies. Learn more about the Flow Collection.

The Streamlined Series

Fluid flows straight--until it meets an obstacle. If moving slowly and calmly, the fluid simply flows around the obstacle and continues to flow--steady and stable.  I carve these stones so that the silver creats graceful lines as it flows past them. When obstacles arise, remember this collection--keep calm and carry on.

The Chaos Series

If you change one thing, everything changes. This series speaks to the awe-inspiring events that might happen if we shake things up a bit.

The Vortex Series

Vorticies form under the hummingbird’s wings, allowing her to hoover. The whirlpool brings order to our draining bathtub. The great red spot on juniper is a storm that has lasted for hundreds of years.  This collection explores the hypnotic nature of this 3-D form and its metamorphasis through movement.