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Noreena Jasper Vortex Pendant

Noreena Jasper Vortex Pendant


The power that energizes spiraling fluids inspires the Vortex Jewelry Collection. The vortex is Mohr Design's signature symbol. It is elegantly simple but carries a forceful message.

Coming from Australia, a round Noreena Jasper the focal point of this vortex. Some believe Noreen Jasper helps the wearer see the joy in the simple moments of life. The deep pink hues, certainly pair well with a simple smile.

Includes a 1.3 mm Italian sterling silver adjustable snake chain (up to 20") that is coated with pure silver to reduce tarnish.

Solid 935 Argentium Silver


Experience Beauty that Moves with the fluidity of Flow Jewelry

Fluids move in beautiful ways. Flow Jewelry is an artist study of fluids in motion. Enhance your fashion experience with this art jewelry inspired by streamlines, chaos, and the vortex.  Shop the entire Flow Jewelry Collection now or Learn more about the Flow Jewelry Collection.

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