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Start Your Own Art Collection with Landscape Jewelry

Do you love art?  The great Art Master of Landscape Jewelry is Mother Nature herself.  We carve the stones in this collection from picturesque natural rocks that are full of color, light, and fine detail.  Then we frame these "miniature paintings"  in precious metal and suspend them from handmade coordinating leather cords.   So if art inspires you, try wearing it.  Shop the Landscapes Jewelry Collection now.


The dawn of spring from the Appalachian Trail at Max Patch, NC. 360 degree view of the Pisgah National Forest

Naturally Beautiful

In this collection, you will find explosion of color in a deep red desert sunset, feel the morning sunshine, hike the Appalachian trail, and hear running horses.

Landscapes inspire painters to capture these senses.  But the paintings in these pieces are captured naturally in stone.

Let yourself be moved by the feeling of depth in these pictures and let your imagination take you around the world.

Connect with where you want to be, no matter where you are.

The Details Matter

All sets include coordinating earrings, a leather cord, and sterling silver chain.  We make the cords from USA-made leather and finish them with a coordinating handmade clasp and extension chain.  We include the sterling silver snake chain so that you can wear the interchangeable pendant on silver or leather for different wardrobe styles.

Custom Order

The process to design, hand-carve each stone, and fabricate each pieces is time consuming so they are available in limited quantities.  If you see a stone or style you like in the gallery that is no longer available, you can Custom Order a similar piece.