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Inspired by Beauty that Moves


Beauty That Moves

Fluids move in beautiful ways.  We can see it in the white eddies on the edge of a river in the textures painted across an ancient sea bed.   This collection is inspired by the phenomenon of fluid flow, streamlined flow, chaos, and the vortex.

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In the formation of raindrops or stars coalescence is the process by which droplets merge during contact to form a single droplet.

The technique used to make this collection solidifies the moment just before  liquid silver droplets merge, like bubbles. The process is difficult to control so each crafted piece makes a unique statement.

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Fused Flora & Fauna

From insects to birds, from flowers to ferns, the Fused Flora & Fauna Collection celebrates the magical beauty of nature.

Inspired by Fairy Tales and Fables, the collection captures the magic nature in sterling silver.

The first series in this collection honors the fiddlehead.

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