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From insects to birds, from flowers to ferns, the Fused Flora & Fauna Collection celebrates the magical beauty of nature.

The collection includes handcrafted pendants and earrings that capture the essence of nature in sterling silver.  The first series in this collection honors the fiddlehead and their magic.  Shop Now to see the collection of fiddlehead pendants in three different styles and sizes.

What are Fiddleheads?

Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of a young fern, quite delicious and considered magical.

In the middle ages, people believed they could become invisible, see the future, and have eternal youth by eating fiddleheads.

The American Indians considered them protective and marked their clothing and canoes with the symbol.


American folklore tells the tale of the fairy Fern

Fern survived her winter sadness by playing beautiful music on a fiddle the north wind fashioned for her from an old oak tree and moose hair.   The spring after she grew old and traveled to the land beyond the rainbow,  bright green ferns emerged from the snow to celebrate the life of the tiny fairy.  To this day, the people of Maine welcome the arrival of spring by venturing into the woods to harvest Fern’s fiddleheads.  They claim that you can hear the fiddle music when the moon is full.

If you are looking for fashion or faries, the fiddlehead series offers three different styled pendants in multiple sizes.

Fairy Fern

The first series, Fern, is dedicated to the fairy Fern and her fiddle.  No matter how cold the icy winds blew, Fern played beautiful music throughout the winter.  When you find a quiet moment with the moon, hold this pendant and listen for the music.


This set of pendants inspires our imagination and is dedicated to Tinkerbell.  Tinkerbell is a free spirit: she is what she is, says what she means, and always has her friend’s back.

Merryweather, Flora & Fauna

Represented in this series are Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, the three magical fairies that protected Sleeping Beauty.  They offer us beauty, song, and love’s true kiss.

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  1. Julianna Cooper 1 year ago

    I love my fiddlehead pendant! When I am in the garden, I have lots ferns and am watching them uncurl as time goes on. The movement reminds me of a graceful dancer.

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