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Fern Fiddlehead Pendant-Large

Fern Fiddlehead Pendant-Large


Maine folklore tells the tale of the fairy, Fern. This series is dedicated to Fern and her fiddle because she played beautiful music throughout the winter, no matter how cold the icy winds blew. So when you find a quiet moment with the moon, hold this pendant and listen for the music. Because it comes complete with tarnish prevention packaging, it is the perfect keepsake for someone who believes in the magic of nature.

This sterling silver pendant is 1.75" x 0.75" . Also Included with the pendant is a sterling silver snake chain. If you like longer necklaces, maybe you would prefer to order this pendant with a custom length chain. Just contact us and we will be happy to accommodate special requests.

Solid 0.925 Sterling Silver


Explore the Magic of Nature with Flora & Fauna Jewelry

The magic of nature inspires The Flora & Fauna Jewelry Collection. So in upcoming series, you will find insects and birds, along with flowers and ferns. This first series celebrates American Folklore of the fern fiddlehead. What's a Fiddlehead? Shop the Complete Fiddlehead Collection or Learn more about the Fiddlehead Jewelry Collection.

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