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Resplendent Ring-Size 7.5

Resplendent Ring-Size 7.5


When you want to be princess for a day, slip on this tiara ring from the Resplendent Jewelry Series. The whimsical bubbles will brighten your aura. And whether for blue jeans or a regal affair, the majestic design is s splendid accessory for any fashion statement.

The bubbles in this ring design span the full ring band. The design results in a texture reminiscent of a medieval casting. The band width is 6 mm and it is a Size 7.5.

Solid .925 Sterling Silver


Who doesn't like bubbles? Find your style in Coalescence Jewelry

In the Coalescence Jewelry Collection, the whimsical elegance of coalescing bubbles is captured in sterling silver. Find your mantra in one or all of the five styles: Simplicity, Serenity, Sophisticate, Resplendent, and Confidence. Shop the Entire Coalescence Collection or Shop the Entire Coalescence Collection.

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